Exchange 2013/2016 Email Forwarding

  1. Login to the Exchange Admin Center. In Exchange 2013/2016 this is a web based console and will usually be located at a customer configured hostname such as
  2. Click recipients in features pane and select contacts tab. Click the small triangle next to the plus (+) sign and select Mail Contact. A new mail contact form will pop up.
  3. Fill in the information of new mail contact:

Display name: Anything | Name: Anything | Alias: Anything | External Email Address: email provided in the mail flow monitoring interface. 

  1. Click save button to save the mail contact. You should now see the contact. 
  2. Now click the mailboxes tab at the top. Click the small triangle next to the plus (+) sign and select User mailbox.
  3. Choose new user and start filling all the boxes. This process will create user account in active directory with a mailbox. This account must have a mailbox and an email address. The email address you choose will be needed in a future step.
  4. Double-click the mailbox you just created to open up the properties.
  5. Go to Mailbox Features and under Mail Flow -> delivery options click the view details link.
  6. A new page for the delivery options will open. Check the box for “Enable Forwarding” and click the browse button.
  7. Select the contact you previously created for the Mailflow Monitor.
  8. Check the option, deliver message to both forwarding address and mailbox. Then click OK button. This option will retain messages to the mailbox and forward copies of the messages to the email address you created. 
  9. Click the Save button.